The Presidential Advisory Council on Science and Technology (PACST) was launched in 1989 and has been conducting system improvement and policy development activities by presenting Korea's mid- to long-term policy directions for science and technology for the past 30 years. Additionally, since 2018, it has been deliberating on science and technology policies and budgets and continuously checking whether they are properly implemented for the people and research sites.

Furthermore, PACST has taken the lead in making Korea a science and technology powerhouse and ensuring the prosperous lives of people through science and technology.

Now, as the era of a national R&D investment of 100 trillion won is opening, Korea must find a way of innovation centered on science and technology to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic and global competition for technological hegemony.

PACST presents the optimal innovation direction to help Korea's science and technology develop and play a major role in socio-economic growth. In particular, we will spare no effort to communicate with the field so that quantitative growth and short-term performance can be avoided, and long-term science and technology policies can be established.

Innovative leaps and growth will only be achieved through science, technology, and innovation. We, PACST, will faithfully pursue our responsibility toward a bold future ensured by autonomy and creativity to make the Republic of Korea leap forward again and become a country of people who live well together.

Thank you.
PACST Vice-president
Lee, Woo Il